Helios Climate

Partnering with businesses that support Africa's transition to a low-carbon economy

Helios Climate seeks to provide growth capital to what it believes are market leading businesses that support and accelerate a low carbon transition in Africa. We adopt a ‘climate-first’ lens, seeking opportunities to address the dual challenges of mitigation and adaptation while maintaining a rigorous focus on delivering robust financial results.

We believe strong secular growth and positive demographic trends, coupled with maturing climate solutions and a global commitment to achieving net zero, create a unique investment opportunity in Africa. These factors can enable us to capitalize on Helios’ long history of partnering with management teams to build corporates of scale, while also making a meaningful contribution to the achievement of a greener and more prosperous future for Africa.

The focus areas in which we seek partnerships are:

  • Climate-smart agriculture and food
  • Green transport and logistics
  • Green energy solutions
  • Resource efficiency, recycling, and waste
  • Financial services and technology businesses with high climate impact