Helios Investment Partners investit dans l’enseignement supérieur et le développement de résidences étudiantes en Afrique francophone

31st December 2018

Helios Investment Partners has recently opened an office in Luxembourg. Helios has a number of portfolio company holding structures in Luxembourg to manage its investments (including those in French-speaking jurisdictions) and expects that this will increase over time. The main reasons it has chosen Luxembourg are the availability of local directors with knowledge of business and fund practices, regulations and compliance; the existence of a skilled multilingual workforce; its tax and bilateral investment treaty network; and the reputation and stability of the Luxembourg financial system. Opening an office in Luxembourg allows Helios to more efficiently manage its investments and to reduce the overall administrative burden.

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Our Investments

Helios investit dans des sociétés de plates-formes diversifiées et leaders du marché opérant dans les secteurs économiques clés.