Helios Impact

Helios' Investment Impact in Africa

Our investments, in addition to generating a financial return to investors, also have immense impact across the continent.

To capture the many ways in which our investments not only contribute to economic growth, but create lasting positive social and environmental benefits as well, we have identified 5 key themes that highlight our impact:

  • Developing the next generation of business leadership potential
  • Enhancing lives through access to information and technology
  • Creating financial security and financial inclusion
  • Improving environmental care and quality, and providing clean energy access
  • Honing governance standards

Scale amplifies the impact of the capital we put to work…

  • We have invested over $2 billion in African businesses
  • Since 2008, during our ownership Helios portfolio companies have
    • Generated over $9 billion in revenue
    • Added almost 6,000 new jobs

Helios' ESG Responsibilities

At Helios, environmental, social and governance factors are not a separate consideration.

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